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Our robust property list is the most economical data offer. Our deluxe property list provides all the information you need to get there before anyone else. Both list are customized exclusively for your use and includes property specifics, mortgage information and has a 60 day accuracy guarantee.


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Here is an easy way to get into your next investment property and increase your cash flow. Take advantage of Assuming a FHA Mortgage from the homeowner. These mortgages have a pre-established low interest rate, can be a HUD-approved secondary residence, or investment property. Whatever your preference is we can provide Single Family units, Duplex, Triplex, & Quadplex properties in your area of choice. The goal is to provide the data you need to help you reach the homeowner.


Loan to value

For the investor looking to buy several properties, we recommend assumable mortgages with a LTV below 75% LTV. We also include hidden value and social media research tools to help better determine the full financial potential of each assumable mortgage. Obtain a list that meets the 75% maximum (LTV) for investment property assumptions. See page 448 of the FHA Handbook to learn more.


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Our list of homes are not on the market for sale yet so that buyers can connect with the owner before anyone else. These FHA homeowners have been in their property for a few years and could be highly motivated to sell their mortgage. All data is downloadable, customized exclusively for your use, captures the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and is based on a city, state, or zip code of your choice. Digital shopping is the secret to acquiring a property. We have the data.


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